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Episode 135

Posted on October 11th, 2019

Welcome to Episode 135 of ‘The Bakery Bears’.

Join us in this episode for:

  1. (1 min 16 secs) “Welcome”  
  • Dan’s epic coconut cake 
  • The aftershave game
      • Kay mentioned Minotaur by Paloma Picasso & Paris by Yves Saint Laurent 
      • Dan mentioned Tabac by Maurer and Wirtz & Pino Silvestre 
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2. (11 mins 20 secs) “Whats on YOUR needles” 

Kay was knitting : 

Dan was knitting :     

3. (54 min 47 secs) “Hartlepool’s Hidden History” - Part 1

4. (1 hr 15 min 37 secs) “Whats OFF your Needles” 

5. (1 hr 25 min 29 secs) “Hartlepool’s Hidden History” - Part 2

6. (1hr 44 mins 44 secs) “Endy Bits!”  

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Thank you so much for watching and see you in two weeks for Episode 136. Its time for us to begin a brand new series of an old favourite, as Kay tries to get her revenge……

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