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Welcome to ‘The Bakery Bears Video Show’ - Join Dan & Kay every two weeks for ‘New Adventures’, ‘Pudding Club’, ‘Knit or Forfeit’ or ‘The Picture Show’ in our bi-weekly lifestyle video show

Episode 139

Posted on December 6th, 2019

Welcome to Episode 139 of ‘The Bakery Bears’.

Join us in this episode for:

  1. (1 min 16 secs) “Welcome”  

2. (10 mins 03 secs) “Whats on YOUR needles” 

Kay was knitting : 

Dan was knitting :     

3. (53 min 09 secs) “Knit or Forfeit” - Champion of 2019 Part 1

  • Its time for the final round of the 2019 season of the quiz show just for knitters! 

4. (1 hr 14 min 07 secs) “Whats OFF your Needles” 

5. (1 hr 24 min 14 secs) “Knit or Forfeit” - Champion of 2019 Part 2

6. (1hr 41 mins 37 secs) “Endy Bits!”  

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